Industrial Chrome Plating from Swanson Industries



Chrome Plating enhances the mechanical and physical properties of hydraulic cylinder components, such as rods and internal cylinder tubes. Swanson’s hard chrome plating tanks accommodate components up to 268-in long, 36-in. diameter and 6,000 lbs.

Swanson’s industrial chrome plating provides corrosion resistance and increased surface hardness for hydraulic cylinder components.

Swanson employees, engineers and management have extensive experience in the design, manufacture and utilization of industrial hard chrome for your cylinders, rods, seal fits and other components. Our ability to repair very large pieces with precision hard chrome makes us unique in the industry. Swanson’s industrial chrome plating tanks currently services the Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia areas with the highest quality in the region.

Swanson’s maximum component size for industrial chrome plating:

  • 263 inches long
  • 36 inches in diameter
  • 6,000 pounds

Whether you require extremely precise chrome plating and polishing or heavy chrome plating of several thousands of an inch, meeting a project’s specialized needs is a hallmark of Swanson Industries.

Swanson Industries implements Industrial Chrome Plating as part of its OEM and Re-Manufacturing process. The hard chrome plating process enhances the mechanical and physical properties of cylinder components such as: Rods, Internal Tube Diameters, Rolls and Pins.

As a single-source custom manufacturing service for all types and sizes of hydraulic cylinders, Swanson designs, builds, and tests all hydraulic components to meet or exceed industry standards and exact OEM specifications. Every Swanson cylinder is backed by the best warranty support in the industry. Cylinders from two-inch to 10-inch bore diameters are produced at one of our production facilities. After the initial order is placed, Swanson will maintain stock for immediate delivery or scheduled releases. Our manufacturing process includes induction hardening for increased strength and wear resistance of hydraulic rods, rolls, and pins.


Don Bowers Director of Sales,
North America Mining
  • ISO-9001:2008
  • Controlled Environment for Testing and Assembly
  • Test equipment oil cleanliness maintained to 16/13 (ISO 4406) or better
  • Every Cylinder is Pressure and Function Tested Before Shipment
  • Certified Welders and Qualified Weld Procedures






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