Friction Welding from Swanson Industries



Certified Inertia / Friction Welding For Piston Rod Assemblies and Cylinder Body Fabrication

This welding process forges dissimilar metals without filler material for a 100% welded interface, yielding joint strength equal to or stronger than parent materials.

  • Able to join dissimilar metals
  • Does not require fillers
  • 100% welded interface
  • Tensile and yield strengths equal or stronger than parent materials
  • 75% less welding time compared to MIG
  • Lower cost per weld
  • Less expensive weld preparation
  • More durable weld joints
  • Controllable heat-affected zone
Swanson Friction (Inertia) Welding


Size Capabilities
Solid Bar 1" - 6.5" diameter
Tubular Up to 11" diameter with a maximum surface area of 47in2


Don Bowers Director of Sales,
North America Mining
  • ISO-9001:2008
  • Certified Welders and Qualified Weld Procedures to ASME Standards


The Friction Welding Process

Before Welding

  • Parts are mounted in the Friction Welder
  • Rotating Part is spun up to speed of 1,000 RPM.

Phase 1 (First Friction)

  • Parts are rubbing together, at low force, to accomplish a clean-up of the two surfaces and initialize generation of heat.
  • The force applied during First Friction is -30% of the Second Friction.

Phase 2 (Second Friction)

  • The increased pressure brought about during second friction causes the metal to become “plastic” and flows outward from center to form the characteristic “Flash”.
  • Once the designed Flash is accomplished, the rotation is rapidly stopped. The Process then moves to the Forge Phase.

Phase 3 (Forge)

  • The Forge is caused by the application of the highest of the three process pressures. The forge phase takes place while the components are at a complete stop.
  • The pressure is maintained until the weld joint is sufficiently cooled.
  • This step promotes refinement of the microstructure of the weld.

Flash Removal

The flash is removed (if desired) by conventional machining practices. Removal of the Weld Flash is optional.

This video appears by permission :: Manufacturing Technology, Inc. (MTI)


Swanson maintains five inertia/friction welding machines, including the MH700, one of the largest in the world.


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