Swanson Industries Is A Single-Source Supplier for New Mining Equipment, Components, Assemblies and Parts

An expansive array of specialized hydraulic and mechanical parts, drilling supplies, components, and assemblies and parts, are stocked and shipped immediately, saving you time and money.

KAMAT hydraulic high-pressure, high-volume pumps are preferred for reliable, low-noise, low-maintenance operation under continuous use. Swanson’s seasoned sales force matches volume and pressure requirements with the wide range of pumps for optimum performance. The operation’s mine entry size constraints and varying terrain grades are accommodated with:

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  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming
  • Utah
    Longwall Shield and Hydraulic Equipment Reman and Repair435-472-3452

All KAMAT pumps are available as standalone units or as full pumping stations. Swanson’s piping and coupling products are provided as part of a single-source longwall system, minimizing cost and maintenance.

OEM-Authorized Distributor For J.H. Fletcher New Parts

Your Fletcher machine is engineered to use only the most precise, dependable systems and components. When parts need to be replaced, rely on Swanson, an authorized new parts distributor for Fletcher, for genuine Fletcher-approved products.

Exclusive North American Distributor For Seebach Gmbh Mining Filtration Systems

Swanson is the North American distributor for Seebach GmbH filtration systems, known for maximum safety, precision and reliability. Seebach filters provide a clean, reliable hydraulic system that dramatically reduces downtime and maintenance costs.

  • Double Backflush Filter 3197 Series
  • Automatic High Pressure Filter Station 3232 Series
  • Last Chance Filter 1330 Series
  • Bag Filter 3133 Series
  • Cartridge Filter 3230 Series

Parker Products To Increase Precision And Performance Of Hydraulic Systems For The Mining Market

Swanson distributes the full line of Parker hydraulic components, allowing our customers swift, easy, economical access to a wide array of Parker products that other distributors do not offer, including:

  • Alpha
  • Arlon
  • Atlas Cyl
  • Actuators for Oildyne
  • Chelsea
  • Colorflow
  • Commercial Intertech
  • Commercial Shearing
  • Dennison
  • Greer
  • Gresen
  • HPI-Nichols
  • IQAN
  • Olaer
  • Oildyne
  • Miller Fuild Power
  • Pulsar/Appitech
  • Power Comp
  • Racine
  • Republic
  • Ross
  • Sterling
  • Tyrone
  • Ultra-Dowty
  • VOAC
  • Waterman


The VTS water props and valves distributed in North America by Swanson offer safety on the face. Operation and maintenance is easy; according to the requirements and depending on the prop type, units are readily extended with slip-on extension pieces.

Deron Mining Equipment

Exclusively distributed by Swanson, the Deron line of mining equipment includes:


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