Single-Source Component and Equipment Remanufacturing and Repair Services That Exceed OEM Quality At A Lower Cost

Service Exchange Programs are available
on many product lines

Swanson provides state-of-the-art remanufacturing and repair services for longwall, continuous, underground and surface mining industries with an economical alternative to purchasing new equipment.

Remanufacturing services include: rebuilding, reconditioning and restoring equipment to OEM specifications or “like new” condition.


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Remanufacturing Expertise Restores Hydraulic Cylinders To OEM Specs

Swanson’s global support system and our extensive machining and welding expertise is used to remanufacture hydraulic components, rolls and shafts to meet–and exceed–OEM specifications.

The cost of remanufactured cylinders are, on average, 30% less than the cost of new cylinders.

Off-the-shelf component availability and immediate order processing decreases customer downtime.

  • ISO-9001:2008
  • Ability to reverse engineer any cylinder back to OE specifications
  • Controlled Environment for Testing and Assembly
  • Test Equipment Oil Cleanliness Maintained to 16/13 (ISO 4406) or Better
  • Every Cylinder is Pressure and Function Tested Before Shipment
  • Certified Welders and Qualified Weld Procedures

Because Swanson has created and manufactured our own cylinders since 1966, we are the industry’s trusted leader for remanufactured hydraulic cylinders for the heavy industrial mining markets. All cylinder remanufacturing and repair is performed in-house at Swanson’s state-of-the-art facilities.

Swanson Hydraulic Cylinder Reman Specifications

  • Cylinders up to 42 inches (106.68 centimeters) in diameter
  • Horizontal power hone: 33-inch (83.82 centimeters) diameter by 30-foot (9.144 meters) long
  • Cylinder assembly machine: 30-foot (9.144 meters)
  • Stroke up to 60 feet (18.288 meters)
  • Porting as required. NPT, S.A.E. O-Ring BSP, Tubelines and Specials
  • Operating pressures of up to 10,000 psi
  • Rods up to 120 feet (36.576 meters) long
  • Steel construction standard (aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel options available)
  • Mounting: Cross tube, clevis, flange, trunnion, spade, pinor custom designs
  • Rod materials and coatings that include chrome, stainless steels and nickel over chrome
  • Advanced seal options: low, medium, and high pressures
  • Valve Blocks: Machined for specified cavities and mounting configuration
  • Integrated position sensing options
  • Cushioning on both ends of the stroke
  • Fully-equipped for machining and building to metric dimensions
  • Certified Inertia Welding on Rods 1” to 8.5” in diameter for single piece manufacturing that adds strength and durability.

Swanson engineers use their unrivaled experience in cylinder design to evaluate component wear and tear and can make design recommendations to the remanufacturing process that will improve cylinder life and performance.

Swanson Reman / Exchange Program

Components may be exchanged for remanufactured replacements that save our customers time and money. All replacement pieces are 100% tested to ensure OEM performance.

Reman and Repair Expertise for Hydraulic Pumps, Motors and Valves

A failing pump can quickly damage your entire hydraulic system, including valves and cylinders. Pumps can be remanufactured or repaired at Swanson’s facilities worldwide.

Swanson remanufacturers and repairs the full spectrum of valve types used in diverse hydraulic fluid applications.

Hydraulic motors are remanufactured to industry standards at a lower cost than new equipment using OEM and rebuilt parts.



Our test bench operates repaired and remanufactured pumps and motors at the rated RPM and tests for volumetric efficiency, leakage and sound levels. Back pressure is applied to simulate the pump or motor work load and pressure ratings. Swanson testing procedures identify a number of potential hydraulic pump, motor and valve performance problems. Potential failure causes, such as cavitation, over-pressurizing, over-speeding, underperformance and high system temperature failures are identified. All components are repaired and remanufactured to industry standards at a lower cost than new equipment using new OEM and remanufactured replacement parts.


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