Durable Mining Equipment for Rigorous Applications and Harsh Operating Environments

Whether it’s off-the-shelf or custom-built mining equipment, Swanson’s in-house team provides technical analysis and support to determine the best, most economical solutions for industry leaders. Collaborating with customers’ engineering departments on mining equipment specifications ensures unsurpassed reliability and reduced field service cost.

Deron Rock Dusters In High Pressure Bulk, Portable and Trickle Designs

Swanson’s complete line of Deron Rock Dusters meet your specific dust application requirements while maximizing mine safety and reducing costs. Each model is designed and manufactured with features for the most demanding mining environment:

Customized units are available for operation in hydraulic, electric or diesel power.

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  • Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming
  • Utah


  • New South Wales
  • Queensland

Deron Type III Tugger

Exclusively engineered, manufactured and distributed by Swanson

  • Adaptable for Use on All Monorails
  • Move Individual or Combined Sections of Monorail Components
  • 6,000 lb Drawbar Pull - Bi-Directional
  • 5,000 lb Static Braking Effort
  • Tram Speed – 45 ft/min
  • Available in Pendant or Radio Controlled
  • Spring Applied Air Released Fail Safe Braking System
  • End Adapters for Any
  • Style Trolley
  • Designed to Handle Typical
  • Rail Undulations
  • Customized Cable/Hose Handling

The Deron MR40 Equipment Retriever offers a safe, fast and economical way to recover equipment trapped by roof falls.

With a drawbar pull of 150 tons, the Equipment Retriever offers three important advantages:

Swanson Industries Is Your Single-Source Supplier for New Mining Equipment, Components and Assemblies

Deron Monorail Systems Custom-Made to Fit Your Application

Swanson’s single-source longwall monorail system includes the Deron hydraulic winches and diesel hydraulic power units, push pulls, locomotives, Weinhold high-pressure pipes and KAMAT pumps.

:: Swanson’s Unique Monorail System Can Be Customized To Your Needs

Hydraulic Monorail Winches

800 lbs | 20,000-lb. Pull First Layer | 9,840 lb.
Pull Last Layer | 500-900-ft. Wire Rope Capacity

Electric Monorail Winches

128-300 VDC | 20-30 Horsepower | 20,000 lb.
Pull First Layer | 700-ft. Wire Rope Capacity

Our aluminum monorail is half the weight of steel rail – but every bit as strong – for easier maneuverability and configuration as your mining operation progresses.

Compare to Steel Rail:

Designation140 ESuper Tee
Length10’ / 3m10’ (3m)
Weight169 lb.80 lb.
Rated Load6,000 lb.6,000 lb.

Innovative product designs ensure minimized maintenance and less system downtime.

In-house engineers provide technical analysis, innovation and support - while isolating other OEM model deficiencies and enhancing the design and manufacturing process to accommodate upgrades. Collaborative engineering with customers’ engineering departments delivers unsurpassed reliability and reduced field service cost.

All KAMAT pumps are available as standalone units or as full pumping stations. Swanson’s piping and coupling products are provided as part of a single-source longwall system, minimizing cost and maintenance.

Seebach GmbH Mining Filtration Systems

Swanson is the authorized rebuild and distribution facility for Seebach filtration systems throughout North America. Seebach, the leading producer of mining filtration products worldwide, provides filter boards, water filters and filter cleaning products to Swanson.


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