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Swanson Is An OEM-Authorized Service Center for J.H. Fletcher, KAMAT, Seebach, VTS, Parker and AC Wagner

Service Exchange Programs are available
on many product lines

The equipment you have carefully selected and purchased will need to be serviced periodically. Swanson is committed to giving our customers increased reliability of mining equipment with OEM authorized service and parts while providing the lowest total cost of ownership. We have the capacity to perform complete or partial overhauls, based on equipment condition, within time frames to minimize cost and potential equipment down times.

Authorized Service provider for J.H. Fletcher Equipment

Swanson operates OEM authorized machine repair facilities for J.H. Fletcher & Co. in Pennsylvania, Utah, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Kamat Pump Repair Service and Technical Support

Swanson is the North American Mining repair facility for KAMAT pumps. Swanson’s qualified and experienced team of technical personnel utilize years of expertise to ensure optimum performance and minimal downtime.

U.S. repair facilities are located in Utah and West Virginia.

Seebach GmbH Mining Filtration Systems Repair Facility

Swanson is authorized to serve as the repair and rebuild facility for Seebach GmbH mining filtration systems to the mining market. The facility is located in West Virginia.


Swanson is an authorized service and repair facility for VTS Voss Technology Systems water props and valves. Swanson’s field service and technical hydraulic expertise is unsurpassed. Parts are in stock, onsite, saving you time and money.

Authorized Service Provider for Parker

Complete renovation and rebuilding services of Parker hydraulic components are available at the Swanson facility in Pennsylvania.

Don Bowers Director of Sales,
North America Mining


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  • West Virginia
    Hydraulic Equipment Reman and Repair304-284-5153
  • Wyoming
    Hydraulic Equipment Repair
  • Utah
    Longwall Shield and Hydraulic Equipment Reman and Repair435-472-3452


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